Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the iris swing. a bag swap

i don't even really know where to start.

first, i may have misled some of you when i posted here into believing i had used all these fabrics in one project. my apologies! this was actually a patchwork card which i made to accompany a bag...in swap...and an apron for my wonderfully artistic virtual friend (virtual friends have quickly become my happiest and nicest friends!) and fellow blogger, Iris, of Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life.

remember my mail love? iris left me a comment, asking if i'd consider doing a bag swap with her. she's making these delicious buttercups (see here and here). of course i said yes! i remember it was a sunday morning when i responded in an e-mail. and then i began on my adventure.

i had to find the right fabric. she's always left me the nicest comments about my bold & bright choices in color and design.

lucky me jane sassaman had just the thing. i used prairie gothic (of which i had enough fabric leftover to make a "hip hugger goth cafe apron" to include) for my swing, a pattern iris told me she liked...my thinking, exactly. but ms. sassaman also has two lines called magic forest and hothouse garden that are perfect together and my latest favorite obsessions. that's what was in this pretty purple package.

i decided on the orchid tessellation for the exterior and the lime green starry night symbols for the interior (sorry you can't see it in this picture...i tried several shots...this was the best). i just loved it. i loved working on it. i loved it when i was finished. it's bright and bold, but not loud. it's magic for the eyes. and i'm so pleased to have made my friend a bag, a little something of me to share with her.

as she has done for me. my package shall arrive soon. and i just can't wait to see what i know is the beauty of her person, her hands.

i just really, really enjoyed my first swap. it's not something i do a lot of because i still get freaky nervous about sewing for others (although that's what i prefer!). but, one on one, i can totally function that way, for now. hopefully more some day! i admire all of you out there that share your craft in virtual quilting bees, in charitable sewing, on etsy. you've my admiration and awe!

today...be delighted. in moments. let it grow big if it's important and happy. big like the after effects that is this little project today for me.

and much thanks to iris. now, go visit her wonderful blog!


bearbear said...

I just love lime green anything!! And it just combines with just about any color wonderfully (in my humble opinion:) Your projects are always wonderful, no matter what you do - whether it's sewing, cooking, or writing! And I agree, blogging friends are the BEST!!

Stephanie said...

I love the apron and bag, and the fabrics are so bold and fun! So nice to see how blogs can really bring people together. What a great way to make new friends, creative friends!!

SewAmy said...

cute everything, even the card.

Jennifer said...

You have done a terrific job with your sewing! Your friend will be lucky to have these.

a friend to knit with said...

i can only imagine the delicious foods and creative endeavors that will happen while she is wearing that fabulous apron!!! and the bag! ahh. soooo wonderful. and to tie it all together with a quilted card. you are a genus. and this package will make her day... i am certain!

QuiltedSimple said...

The bag and apron combo are so lovely. The fabric is so bright and cheerful - I'm positive it brings a smile to her face.

Iris E. said...

A Friend to Knit With got it right...It totally made my day to open up this package of goodness!
What an artist you are, Ana!
Thanks so so much,

audreypawdrey said...

It is so beautiful! You are so talented and creative! I know it brightened her day. The fabrics are gorgeous!