Friday, April 11, 2014

pink patch doll quilt

when i mentioned on fb i was making doll quilts and hoped to open an etsy store by the end of the year i had a few sweet friends tell me they'd be interested. and they reminded me little girls like pink! between what little bit of pink i had in my stash and what i found at my local hobby lobby, i came up with this quilt. it measures 18" x 24" and i quilted using curvy lines, with and without bows.

pink patch doll quilt - front

pink patch doll quilt - quilting

pink patch doll quilt - back/binding

thankfully i don't have to pick my favorites because, though i've only made two so far, i am loving each and every one. they're fun to design. and fun to imagine being cherished and played with by a child.

and, yes, that's my American Girl doll, one of the first they ever came out with! there are so many more options now, from hair to eyes to skin tone, to choose from so every little girl can find her very own playmate. or every woman who knows to nurture the child within!

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Chris said...

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