Tuesday, April 1, 2014

mod blocks. wall hangings

lately i've really been into modern blocks for modern quilts. because we have so much wall space in our home and all this fabulous color from room to room, i decided it would be fun to do quilted wall hangings, turning the open space into a canvas of favorite things.

i'm also really liking white in my quilted projects which is pretty unusual for me. it looks fresh and color really pops in contrast.

i did this first one a couple of months ago now.

White Mod Blocks - Front

White Mod Blocks - Back

White Mod Blocks - Stitching

because it's a nice size, easy to maneuver around on my machine, i took my time and quilted squares and rectangles in various configurations. you can see the cute pattern it created in the second photo of the back.

this was the first time i cut my own binding and i realized how much easier it was to machine sew than the more stiff store bought.

this wall hanging will be in our hall when i repaint the walls something more like lavender than the "fuchsia" it is now. and super white for the trim.

there's a second one, quite a bit larger, for the same hall. i'll save photos for another post. it's pieced but not quilted yet.

the following photographs are of a wall hanging i just finished today that will be for our den. again, i've used colors that are a bit of a departure for me, but in our den we have these beautiful Native American framed masks that are red and black. and a snowscape i had professionally printed and mounted that i took on our adventure to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. this will fill up the wall nicely.

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Front

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Back

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Stitching

i pieced the blocks with my Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 200, but quilted and did the binding with my Brother XR9500PRW. i used straight stitching as well as decorative stitching to quilt. because the fabric i chose for the back is rather busy, the various stitches aren't distracting. the stitching becomes part of the artistic design and personal expression. mine are far more simple than the amazing quilt designs i've seen on the net. some day it would be a pleasure and a privilege to witness artists at work on their extravagant designs created with or without a long arm machine.

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