Friday, April 11, 2014

pink patch doll quilt

when i mentioned on fb i was making doll quilts and hoped to open an etsy store by the end of the year i had a few sweet friends tell me they'd be interested. and they reminded me little girls like pink! between what little bit of pink i had in my stash and what i found at my local hobby lobby, i came up with this quilt. it measures 18" x 24" and i quilted using curvy lines, with and without bows.

pink patch doll quilt - front

pink patch doll quilt - quilting

pink patch doll quilt - back/binding

thankfully i don't have to pick my favorites because, though i've only made two so far, i am loving each and every one. they're fun to design. and fun to imagine being cherished and played with by a child.

and, yes, that's my American Girl doll, one of the first they ever came out with! there are so many more options now, from hair to eyes to skin tone, to choose from so every little girl can find her very own playmate. or every woman who knows to nurture the child within!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the cutest thing ever!

this morning i finished my first little doll quilt and i positively love it! the fabrics are all from my scrap bin. i chose bright, happy colors and sweet designs. and i stitched, quilted and did the binding with my Brother XR9500PRW machine.

mini mod stripe doll quilt, front

mini mod stripe doll quilt, decorative quilting

mini mod stripe quilt, binding (back)

it's the best binding i've machine attached ever! i couldn't be happier!  yes, i still see my "imperfections." but with every piece i make, i learn something new and i improve my designs. that's a win-win in my book!

the rain has gone, the skies have cleared and the sun is shining bright and warm. life is beautiful. go live it!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


at the start of this new year, a sweet high school friend of mine i've had the pleasure of reconnecting with thanks to facebook posted that she was participating in a pay-it-forward project. to the first five people who responded to her status update, she would send a small token of friendship anytime during the year. in turn, all who responded would post the message on their page and do the same for five more of their friends. it's always fun to receive some mail love, something that is NOT electronic. i was in!

it's already april. AAUGH! but i haven't forgotten. in fact, i've been busy working on my friendship gifts for the past few weeks. after finally making myself a version of prayer or peace flags that i'm ready to hang in my yard as soon as the hubby puts up some hooks for me, i decided these would be perfect...handmade with love.

i've since made three more sets. i chose colors and fabrics that reminded me of the recipient. and i'm going to include a bottle of fabric paint that each one may write their own words/blessings on their flags if they so choose. tee suggested that. i thought it was a wonderful idea.

one set has already been mailed off.  two more are pictured here with mine.

can you tell that mine is the flamingos?

i've made my flags double sided, pretty from either direction, and sewed them with sweet decorative stitches. this photo shows the "backside" of one. the fold is actually pretty cute, too.

i strung some on braided trim i found at hobby lobby, but then picked up a nice, big roll of twine at lowe's. i tack my flags down to the twine so when they're hung they won't slouch or shift in the wind. and, yes, i plan to leave mine out. i want them to fade and fray, sending my blessings to the heavens, just like the tibetan prayer flags. read a description here.

this morning i wanted a little something more to include with flags going to the kind woman who inspired me to do this. i made my first mug rugs from the same fabrics as her flags.  

as soon as i jot down a note on a card i've tangled, i'll be ready to bundle everything up and send this package on its way.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

mod blocks. wall hangings

lately i've really been into modern blocks for modern quilts. because we have so much wall space in our home and all this fabulous color from room to room, i decided it would be fun to do quilted wall hangings, turning the open space into a canvas of favorite things.

i'm also really liking white in my quilted projects which is pretty unusual for me. it looks fresh and color really pops in contrast.

i did this first one a couple of months ago now.

White Mod Blocks - Front

White Mod Blocks - Back

White Mod Blocks - Stitching

because it's a nice size, easy to maneuver around on my machine, i took my time and quilted squares and rectangles in various configurations. you can see the cute pattern it created in the second photo of the back.

this was the first time i cut my own binding and i realized how much easier it was to machine sew than the more stiff store bought.

this wall hanging will be in our hall when i repaint the walls something more like lavender than the "fuchsia" it is now. and super white for the trim.

there's a second one, quite a bit larger, for the same hall. i'll save photos for another post. it's pieced but not quilted yet.

the following photographs are of a wall hanging i just finished today that will be for our den. again, i've used colors that are a bit of a departure for me, but in our den we have these beautiful Native American framed masks that are red and black. and a snowscape i had professionally printed and mounted that i took on our adventure to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. this will fill up the wall nicely.

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Front

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Back

Red and Black Mod Wall Hanging - Stitching

i pieced the blocks with my Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 200, but quilted and did the binding with my Brother XR9500PRW. i used straight stitching as well as decorative stitching to quilt. because the fabric i chose for the back is rather busy, the various stitches aren't distracting. the stitching becomes part of the artistic design and personal expression. mine are far more simple than the amazing quilt designs i've seen on the net. some day it would be a pleasure and a privilege to witness artists at work on their extravagant designs created with or without a long arm machine.