Thursday, October 11, 2012

a messenger bag in fall colors...

...that's what tee said when i showed him the fabric i had chosen for this large messenger bag. i won't spend too much time talking about it since, if you're here and have followed me for a while, you're very familiar with it. i've made it in several different sizes with many pockets and lately an adjustable strap.

i do think it's pretty, though, in this bright, bold amy butler fabric and i did want to post it here continuing this online, visual journal of my sewing projects.

this bag is for a new friend. she saw this one that i've been using to carry my notebooks to a wonderful poetry class i'm taking (an 8 week course...for free!), heard me mention to someone that i sew, and asked if i'd make her one. why, of course! she told me to pick the colors and the fabric. for some reason, maybe because of the time of the year, i felt this was perfect.

now if only the fall like temps would return and stay!