Friday, September 21, 2012

for mom. with love

at the end of july i suddenly found myself in nyc, a trip i had not planned anytime this calendar year. but some members of my immediate family were gathering at my sister's house and needed me to be there. fortunately it wasn't all business and what was passed uneventfully. there were some great moments, too, like spending time with my niece and nephew and long chats into the night with my big sis.

tee and i were also able to hitch a ride into the city on a friday with my sister. we left her to her day job in the early morning and hopped on the subway with a list of places we wanted to go in a few short hours.

on that list was mood designer fabrics. because i'm a fan of Project Runway and have been since it's first season.

i hadn't realized it was on the third floor of a building and that it took up three floors. so cool. as soon as we walked in i immediately noticed a few of the employees i recognized from the show. how exciting would it have been to spot a designer or Tim Gunn?! it may have been more than i could have handled. i got totally tongue tied when i came face to face with Jessica Mendoza at the 2012 wcws. but that's another story!

i asked tee to take this one photo of me with my iPhone to record my very own Project Runway moment.

we walked up and down all the aisles through all the racks on all three floors looking for some fabric for my mom. sometime back she had asked me to make a specific purse. this one. when my mom has asked me to sew something before, it's been for a gift, a bag or an apron she wanted to give to a friend, never anything for herself. she knows i won't let her reimburse me for the fabric and she doesn't want me to go to any unnecessary expense. moms are thoughtful and considerate that way. i'm grateful mine is, anyway.

so i found some beautiful fabric. actually tee did and i agreed with him. my mom specifically requested something mostly black. i don't think she'll mind the dark brown, the backdrop to the black flowers. this way she can use it with either black or brown shoes, slacks, coat, anything.

it's home deco of a nice weight. it held up so beautifully, even to the fusible fleece used to line the exterior panels, sides and handles. i could hear the needle "pop pop pop" as it slipped in and out of the fabric. i love that sound. it means tight, straight, even stitches to me!

for the inside i wanted a fabric with a lighter color that would pop, but nothing too obvious because i knew it would be visible from the top. i think it's perfect.

it's also a home deco weight, but 100% cotton and flat, not shiny.

the bag is very simple as you can see. i gave her an outside pocket in front and back. the inside is nice and open, has one small pocket for a cell phone or a small wallet and has a sturdy base. i inserted a piece of foamboard in the bottom of the bag between the exterior and lining.

the sides are tacked to give the purse shape and structure. i really like it. and i hope she will, too. i'll get it in the mail to her early next week and see what happens upon arrival!

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Stephanie said...

Wow it looks like you bought it! Beautiful! I really love the inside fabric. And how exciting to get to go to a store you've seen on tv and even recognize some of the employees, too fun! I've seen that show a handful of times but never watched it faithfully, but now I'm interested in this store!