Tuesday, July 10, 2012

amy butler's sunday sling

i had intended this pattern and this fabric as a giveaway. sadly, no one expressed any interest. perhaps the questions i suggested to qualify scared people away. or perhaps because i posted on a friday everyone was out and about enjoying the start of a fabulous weekend. i hope so!

regardless, i ended up pulling the post and i decided to make the bag myself with the fabric i had selected.  and i am so happy i did!

i took my time as there is quite a lot to cut out from the exterior and lining fabrics, making sure my designs were straight, and from the fusible fleece and interfacing. and there are quite a few steps for all the pleats and pockets, from ironing to basting and topstitiching. and the bag will end up costing you a pretty penny as these materials aren't cheap. but it's well worth it. the bag is sturdy, a really nice size (this is the small one...imagine how big the large sling would be!) and you could pretty much pack everything you need for an overnight getaway. seriously!

i like the little attention she gave to details. like trimming the outside and inside pockets with the reverse fabric simply by cutting the pocket panel a little smaller than the "lining" panel. and i love the small, pleated cell phone pocket that allows your mobile to fit snuggly and within easy reach. my otter box just happens to be the same color as my fabric, but perhaps you can see it in this photograph at the top left.

and the side pockets on the exterior are handy. the pleated pockets and main panels are a nice, decorative touch giving the bag some shape, too.

if i were to change anything it would be the handles which are designed to tie. it's pretty. and different. but for me, i'm not sure how easily the bag will stay on my shoulder. or how comfortable it would be should i be taking a long walk in the city, sightseeing, let's say. but that is a minor detail. i wouldn't let it deter YOU if you like what you see of this particular bag. and you're an amy butler fan who buys all of her patterns.