Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cute skirts

it's the first official day of summer and i just happened to finish this super lightweight and super cute skirt today.

a dear friend from Brazil sent me this fabric a few years ago. after giving it some thought, i finally decided to go with a sweet skirt from this pattern. i wasn't teasing about the title!

i've been working on it for over a week now, whenever i had a free hour or so. but it really should be a quick sew. it is constructed from eight panels which means a lot of stitching, but that's pretty straightforward.

i was a bit confused with the instructions when it came to attaching the gores to the adjoining panels. from the illustrations it looked like you sew to the end when you sew one gore to each of the panels. i think you should really leave whatever your seam allowance is at the tip. i confess i never read the instructions beforehand so, though i was confused, i wasn't going to rip anything out, especially when i had all the gores done. i just had to "make it work" as one of my favorite public figures, Tim Gunn, says on one of my favorite reality shows, Project Runway, which is premiering July 19th, by the way! if you've worked with gores before, it's probably a no brainer. regardless of whether i did it right or not, it looks perfectly fine, outside and in; however, if anyone has any suggestions for me, i'd be grateful if you left a comment!

those little details aside, i really like the skirt. i like the narrow waistband and the elastic that's threaded through the back only. it makes for a nice, clean front. it fits well. do be sure to consult the chart to find your measurements. and though i'm curvy, it lays down flat on the front, back and sides, no bunching or bulging. that's a winner as far as i'm concerned!

i like it so much you may see another some time soon.

now, go out there and celebrate! hope you've sunny skies and bright sunshine in your corner of the world!