Thursday, May 3, 2012

have bag. will travel.

a few friends have asked to see the inside of the cargo bag. here are a couple of photos with slightly different views that i hope will give you a good idea of how i've set the pockets to organize my must-have gadgets and things.

in the open middle of the bag is plenty of room for a daily planner (which i'm phasing out thanks to my handy dandy iPhone 4S with all it's cool apps), a journal (i can't seem to live without paper and pen no matter how much i love technology!).

on the inside back panel is a large, deep pocket divided to hold my kindle and a checkbook (or anything else you may have of this size, like, in my case, reading glasses).

and on the inside front is a more shallow pocket divided to hold my smartphone, wallet and pens.

remember i've the pockets on the outside as well. this would make a great travel bag because the pocket on the outside back is left open to the full width of the bag where you could easily slip a map or travel guide. and the outside front has a pocket divided in half for your passport, airline tickets, etc.

yesterday i added some sew on snaps (while multitasking) to hold the flap down which would make the bag even more secure for zipping around town and across the country, by foot, train or airplane.

Oh! and to clarify about the buckles i found at jo-ann's. check if your local store sells notions for purses and bags such as handles. that's where i found them.

happy creating!


Librarian Lee said...

I love this bag! I'd like to try making it - do you sell the pattern?

APA said...

Thank you! And welcome!

No, I don't. I came up with this bag after making the Valori Wells Messenger Bag I've linked to in a previous post and patterned it after a bag I bought several years ago that I loved from Abercrombie & Fitch. It's small like the A&F bag, has the same adjustable strap, but with lots more pockets. And I can make it in lots of colors as many times as I like.

There are quite a few messenger bag patterns available from several designers and found in many sewing books. They're really quite similar. I would suggest googling for free patterns or videos on the net. If you've made bags before, construction is straightforward. I know you could cut out your own pattern as I did and customize the bag even more.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any other questions or if I can help in some way.

audreypawdrey said...

Love all of the pockets on the inside! I really need to make myself a new summer bag for when we travel, inspired by yours!

APA said...

Absolutely, Audrey! I think you'll really like it and find it convenient. There are so many possibilities. When I get comfortable with zippers, a zippered pocket would be nice, too.