Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a cargo bag with an adjustable strap

should you have been here yesterday, you know i was working on a new cargo bag with an adjustable strap. it's really a simple bag as far as construction. what's most time consuming is the small details I'm particular about. As you may be able to tell from the photograph above, I like to topstitch, a lot, to give the bag a nice, finished look. I repeat whatever pattern I choose on the strap, each one of the pockets, the flap and the top of the front panel. And I do a lot of ironing. I don't see how you can sew and not like to iron. I want my edges crisp and my panels as straight as possible.

i positively love the adjustable strap. i've had a devil of a time, however, finding the slide buckles locally and online. the few i've managed to get my hands on came from jo-ann's. they weren't with the sewing supplies, but in crafts. when i find more in various sizes, i'm stocking up. an adjustable strap just gives you so much more flexibility.

if you've read this post, you'll see i've made a similar bag with the same number of on the outside back, one on the outside front that's been divided in half, one on the inside back that has been divided in two of unequal widths, and another on the inside front that has been divided into four of varying widths for my cell, wallet and a couple of pens. tee said i could live out of my bag. that's not far from the truth!

i've shared that the fabric is Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos for Free Spirit in cocoa for the outside and jade for the inside. because of the bright colors, i decided to "go wild" and use this thread. it's super cute. i've picked up a few more spools in different colors for future projects.

next up i really want to try to make a kaftan. i've got this pattern which looks pretty straight forward. apparel always makes me nervous, but i want to give it a try. hopefully, by watching every episode of Project Runway over the years, some techniques about sizing will have sunk in and it'll turn out looking good!


Stephanie said...

Love the bag and the fabric as always!!! You do make great bags. And I too had a hard time finding adjustable buckles, honestly not ever sure I did find any by themselves. I did however need some for a laptop bag I made and ended up just buying canvas straps that already came with the buckle. It was the only way I found them. I'll try Joann's craft area next time. The Kaftan looks so comfy and can't wait to see your version!

audreypawdrey said...

I am looking for these buckles the next time I am at Joanne's! Your bag looks awesome, and I would love a peek inside to see all of the pockets. You always make me want to make more bags when I see all of your great ones.:) It turned out so pretty! I have made that Kaftan, and it wasn't difficult at all, so I know you can do it-much easier than your bag sounds!

APA said...

Thank you both so much. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's had trouble finding these buckles. I did find some on ebay after I got back from checking Michael's and Hobby Lobby earlier today to no avail. Let me know if you'd like the link. They're relatively inexpensive, even buying in bulk. I may decide to get them though I don't always like to purchase sight unseen.

Check to see if your Jo-Ann's sells purse and bag notions such as handles. That's where I found these buckles. The company is Everything Mary. I checked their online site, but looks like they only sell to retailers. The buckles weren't listed.

Thank you, Stephanie, for the idea to use a canvas strap with a buckle. That would work very well and save some time topstitching!

I remember you making the kaftan, Audrey, and it was really nice! I'll let you know how it goes.
Also, I did take a photo of the inside of the bag. If I don't post a photo here, I'll send it via fb message.

Peace out!