Monday, March 19, 2012

pick a pocket

pockets. i like lots and lots of pockets in my bags. for my cell phone. my wallet. my journals. the pens i use to write in my journals. i even want pockets in my shopping totes.

and so i added lots of pockets to my latest bags.

this first is one from heather bailey.

i added outside pockets to the gussets and believe you could easily carry a large bottle in each. even a wine bottle. it's deep enough that it shouldn't fall out.

and i added two pockets inside to the front and back panels. i didn't divide them, but you could, especially if you want to carry your wallet to market without it getting lost or slipping out.

this bag is BIG, much bigger than you are led to believe from the photo on the cover. at least that's how it appears to me. i am rather short, however.

the fabric is something i've had in my stash for a few years now and i believe is no longer available unless you were to find it on etsy. it's al fresco from michele d'amore for marcus brothers.

as with all of my bags, i line the outside fabric with a nice sturdy canvas, including the pockets and straps, and the inside fabric with a muslin. i like extra stability.

this bag i just finished this morning. it's what i'm calling a cargo bag in my previous post for all the pockets. like those cargo pants and shorts you, too, may have in your closets.

front flap with decorative topstitching to match the strap 

 outside front under flap

outside back 


i divided the pocket on the outside front in half as well as one on the inside. the second inside pocket i divided into three, the third slot being long and narrow to slip in a pen.

i have all kinds of ideas to make this "cargo" bag with buckles for adjustable straps and mixing and matching fabric on the individual panels and pockets to make it sew groovy.

the fabric is also from my stash (i've committed myself to using what i've on hand before buying anything else!). It's Olive Rose by Valori Wells as seen here.

i'm already at work on another simple, but fun and functional bag using totally different fabrics, something a little more bohemian. let's see how it goes!

digressing from sewing for just a little bit, because the weather has been so incredibly warm and spring has sprung, it's time to dedicate myself to renewal. i've decided to join my sister in law in a spring cleansing and have encouraged tee to do so as well. we're off to a good start having a delicious salad for our lunch today.  should you be interested, you can find more information here. i've also added a button to my sidebar and shall keep it up for the duration.

listen to your body. nurture your mind. create in your special way!

Friday, March 16, 2012

off the cutting room table

Here I am! It's been a busy, but very exciting year. I started Morning Pages again which has really helped me focus and get back to work doing the things I love like sewing.

Here are a few things I've made over the past few months.

Reversible Stella Apron 

Satchel For Two by Fig Tree & Co. in Blue Camo

A Second Satchel For Two in a Black Floral Print 

Messenger Bag by Valori Wells

I'm working on what I'm calling a Cargo Bag because of all the pockets inside and out. It's a small messenger type bag and I'm using a Valori Wells fabric, some bold roses in reds and browns, that's been in my stash for a while.

And I've a couple of things I've not yet taken photos of. When I do I'll share them here as well.

I've missed writing and hope to spend a little more time here this year. What have you been up to? Add a link to your comment, should you care to do so,  that I may visit!