Monday, November 15, 2010

sugar & spice & everything nice

lest we dwell on the negative, i wanted to share this adorable little sundress i made not too long ago, late this past summer, having had a very vivid dream that i "needed" to make doll clothes. lol!

i just happened to have an american girl doll handy to dress and model.

ok. i confess. i have several american girl dolls.

we had nothing like them when i was a little girl and so later, on my own, i invested and adored each and every one, especially the accessories and wardrobes. definitely a brilliant concept and marketing scheme on the part of american girl, llc.

at some point i really do hope to gift them to a little girl. alas, the little girls in my family are now almost grown women and never took a particular interest to dolls, certainly not for safekeeping.

18 inch dolls are the perfect size to sew for. the pieces are small and require some dexterity, but nothing like sewing for barbies. i can't imagine!

i've another super cute outfit cut out and ready for the machine.

not only are these great practice pieces for making gathers, ruffles, sleeves and necklines, but great stash busters. the fabric i've used were all remnants from previous projects. cute, funky, mod!

thanks to everyone who left me a kind note regarding my mishaps with daywear. i'm really not in the least bit upset or demoralized. we learn from our mistakes and we perfect our skills often by trial and error.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

read the fine print

i wanted to pop in and say "hello" and because i felt obliged to follow-up to provide  more information.

i'm working on the day-shift. though i don't like to speak negatively about a design, i must say that this dress really has no shape at all. and the "belt" that i scratched has nothing to do with it. i know it's not supposed to be fitted. maybe if i tighten up the bodice where it attaches to the skirt? this is definitely where my inexperience with apparel shows.

perhaps it's that i'm short and curvy? regardless, the sizes run much too large.

i'll finish it because my main goal was to have a "practice" piece for bodice and sleeves, not an easy thing to do when your heart has slipped out of your work.

i think i'll make another bag after this. i'm pretty good with those. lol!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


that i not lose momentum on my road to apparel and fitted garments, my next project is to make a simple dress. the pattern as you see is this from indygo junction. the fabric is an embroidered cotton (pictured in reverse) i've had in my stash for a good three years.

instructions call for over three yards of fabric. i was able to squeeze what i needed out of 2.5 by shortening the length of the lower front and back panels and the sleeves. meant to be 3/4, on me it was more like a long. i'm thinking i'll wear this little number over tights or jeans. and if i like the "fit" perhaps i can modify it to be a top by lengthening the bodice pieces.

it's a beautiful weekend. we're expecting our first freezing temps this evening. fall has finally arrived. the leaves are now turning as well. enjoy a fabulous day, an awesome creative adventure!

Monday, November 1, 2010

oh, the lengths to which we will go

i feel like i've stepped out of a novel written by two authors i enjoy very much, emily and charlotte brontë, and as though i should move as a whisper of a breeze through the moors when i slip into the warm goodness of my very own cloak. i finished it this morning and oh how i love it!

taking a few photographs required some patience as did slowly turning and pinning the great lengths of hem. but hand sewing the frog closure caused me to raise my voice to the silent walls in desperation. i didn't want to grab the lining that the dark thread not show and i wanted to be done! a deep breath, some better lighting, i took a seat and quietly, persistently finished.

though a bit daunting for the size of the pieces with which you must work, this really is a delightfully pleasant sew.

and should you care to make yourself a cloak or know someone who would like one, i used mccall's #4139 from the costumes section of the latest catalog, with a variation of capes a and c.

it's to be in the lower 60s and upper 50s this week. we've not much yet by way of fall color. regardless, november finally brings us seasonal temperatures perfect to meander through the still of my days in my new cloak.

happy november to all!