Friday, October 15, 2010

satchel for two

here i am, once again. i've somewhat re-prioritized. and at the top of my list is more time for sewing and designing.

just last week i finished this bag. with a few modifications, it could be the perfect slouchy bag i've been looking for.

i used this pattern. it's quite simple, but the directions could be a bit confusing if you're a beginner. a step or two is missing. i pretty much disregarded the directions and sewed it as i have many other bags.

all the fabrics are from Michelle D'Amore's line, Hippie Chicks, for Marcus Brothers, 2009. it's a little brighter than i've been using lately, but i was able to use up some yardage from previous projects. and i do love the flower chain on the front pocket.

the bag is fully reversible, giving you a pocket inside and out. you could seriously fit a grocery bag of items in the bag!

today fall is in the air after a long, hot summer. ah, bliss. there's nothing i like better than throwing the windows wide open to the air, sky and sun.

peace out!


Stephanie said...

Welcome back to this space :)

What do you use in your bags again that makes them so thick? I really love that about the bag you made me, very, very durable.

APA said...

Hi, Stephanie!

I'm having to learn Blogger all over again. I love the new templates they offer!

I machine baste a canvas such as a cotton duck to all the pieces, including one side of the pocket, prior to constructing the bag itself, usually for the exterior only. If I want it super durable, I'll line exterior and interior.

Thanks for the warm welcome. See you soon!


Jennifer said...

Love that bag, it's so cheerful! Good to see you back.

audreypawdrey said...

I love the way your blog is looking! Maybe it is time for a redo of mine... I am so happy to see one of your sewing projects again, and I am ecstatic that you are going to be sewing again, too. I have missed visiting this little space.

The bag is wonderful! I love the fabrics you used-they are so happy and cheerful. I used canvas for lining for the diaper bag I made, but then I forgot about that technique completely. I will have to try it again!