Tuesday, October 19, 2010

circle skirts

the summer of 2010 was unseasonably warm for most of us here in the usa. even shorts felt a bit uncomfortable and in my middle age years, i'm all about the comfort.

i needed something of a new wardrobe, but couldn't find anything i liked or was willing to pay for at your typical retail stores. fortunately for me and those of you who love to sew, i've a machine, fabric and thread ready at my disposal.

i'm also somewhat a creature of habit, particularly if it means a perfect fit.

and so all three of these little fab and funky beauties are the double circle skirt from this collection by favorite things. you can dress them up for a nice evening out to dinner, particularly the longer one, or more casually with a tank, tee, flip flops or in barefeet for hanging out, inside or out!

and because these are double, no slip necessary.

the sweet skirt i am wearing is an embroidered voile in deep lilac/blue.

the one i am holding in my hand is from Anna Maria Horner's line, Little Folks, a voile in coloring garden  - sea (top layer) and little honey - meadow (bottom).

the skirt on clotilde is a floral voile i purchased in the summer of 2008 from Fabric Bliss, an online vendor i don't believe is in service anymore.

the hip skirts are one of the first ever pieces of apparel i made for myself shortly after i started sewing. however, i used a batik. i love the colors and designs available in batiks, but they can be a little stiff. the designers suggested a voile and i would agree. it's seriously flowey and drapey, falls smoothly over your curves or pencil straight if you're taller, thinner. and with these fabrics, wash, dry, wear them slightly wrinkled right out of the dryer or hang them. no ironing necessary!

cutting and sewing is straight forward and easy. i serged all of the seams and double stitched my hems. still, it's a quick little sew.

whether you choose to add the belt loops as i did on two out of the three or not, you can wear it either closer to your waistline or as a hip hugger.

fortunately for me, i'll be able to wear my skirts about 3 out of the 4 seasons. i'd say that's getting the most for my hard earned dollar. and i've no doubt my quality is every bit as good as what's available at a top line retailer.


audreypawdrey said...

I love these! My favorite it the Anna Marie Horner print because I love the green, but they are all so beautiful. I actually have this pattern, and I really need to make one of these skirts! The only problem is it is starting to get cooler here, so I would need to make it this week to wear it before May! Beautiful job, Anna!

Cheryl said...

Cute! Check out rayon batiks. They have the beautiful depth of color of cotton batiks but with the drape of rayon.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous skirts Ana. I need more skirts in my wardrobe, but I have the same problem finding ones I like for a reasonable price at a retail store. I love the Anna Marie Horner one, and the layers are wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Aren't these skirts pretty! You are right about softer fabrics being more flattering. I like the double-layered idea.

Iris E. said...

ooooh love them love them. And I love your photo as well. beauty all around!
And I am happy to see you back here!

Kristyn Knits said...

ANA!! I'm SO happy you found me. I feared I had lost a blog friend!! I didn't know about this place or I would have visited sooner! Thank you for your kind, kind words!

LOVE these skirts. I feel so much more comfortable in a skirt than pants. I need to consider this pattern. I love yours!!

See you again soon,