Thursday, December 10, 2009

go to swing bag

pattern: swing bag by amy butler
external fabric: kaffe fassett stencil carnations in taupe
lining: tina givens for westminster fabrics tropics in aqua
other notions/materials: cotton duck to line the external and interior fabrics
modifications: inside pocket
date completed: 9December2009

on tuesday i basted all the canvas to the exterior and interior fabrics for the main panels, pocket and straps. i like my bags extra sturdy for carrying everything but the kitchen sink if need be! so yesterday, when i sat down to sew, it was nothing but to stay with it, start to finish. it was the perfect day as the rhythm and motion of stitching and ironing is a good way to process life happenings in calm and of rational mind.

are the fabrics a bit of a departure for me? perhaps, but i like a basic tan bag, particularly in the fall and winter months when i'm most often in jeans and boots, colors more neutral then they are in the bright sunshine of spring and summer. i had bought the stencil carnations specifically for a bag and the aqua tropics, well, i thought it coordinated well, yet added a bit of pop for the pretty blue.

this is such an easy pattern and the bag so practical, seriously good to get me back into the "swing" of sewing after a few months off. and now i've been once again bitten by the bug and have a few more patterns selected to decide on my next project.

and do you know how long it's been since i've browsed fabric? i can only imagine the wonderful designs come out in my time away.

peace and love to you and yours these holidays!

and thank you to my friends who haven't forgotten me, but continue to show me their support and love, time after time, in quiet gestures of a spoken word. you rock!


Stephanie said...

No you rock! That bag is great!! I love the fabrics paired together, the aqua is a fun burst of color inside. Can't wait to see what else you have lined up to make. Have fun searching for fabrics, that's always the best part! :)

Iris E. said...

So awesome that you're back and blogging again! I was at Alewives today thinking of your love of great fabric and UGH without my camera!!! There is a quilt in the store right now with some totally Ana-worthy fabrics in it. Will get details for you! Totally grrrroooovy.
Love your Swinging Swing Bag!

Jennifer said...

Great choice of fabrics....I love how the bright lining just peeps out!

QuiltedSimple said...

very pretty! So glad to see you are back to posting again. Love the fabrics you've chosen for this one

a friend to knit with said...

you are so good, miss ana.
honestly...i love that bag. it looks totally vintage to me... which i LOVE.

April said...
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