Friday, September 4, 2009

long overdue

hello, friends!

hope everyone has enjoyed a great summer in this hemisphere!

i've been missing in action and long overdue in sharing about this quilt top with you.

in recent months i've had the pleasure of becoming re-acquainted with one of my favorite former co-workers. so much has happened in the ten years or so since we worked together on a forest research fiber farm (basically, growing trees under irrigation to shorten the rotation length to harvest). he and i are most definitely from two different worlds, but hit it off from day one. we knew laughter and great conversations about many topics as we plowed and planted, weeded and treated for insects. it was an idyllic place in many ways. needless to say, however, i was tough as nails in 'tude and body, most often the sole female, dealing with these many obstinate men.

we moved away as our professions took us elsewhere. and i took up cooking, gardening and sewing, a far different life did i choose to lead as i meander through middle age.

after finding each other, thanks to this great virtual world, he wrote and said that since i had now become quite the domestic goddess...with a chuckle, knowing how once the many negative connotations of such a statement rose the hair on the back of my neck...he'd like to send me a quilt top that his mammy (his daddy's mama) pieced sometime 30 or 40 years ago. of course i said yes! it came in the mail a few weeks later and here i am, finally gazing at it once again.

i love it for the smell. it must have been stored with love and care because there are no wears and tears.

i love it because it truly is a "scrappy" quilt. there are all kinds of materials in here, from tapestry to polyester blends to cotton, and some scraps were pieced together to make a square to size.

and i love it because it was hand pieced with a little bit of machine. perhaps that came at some time later through the years.

i'm going to do my best to bat, back and quilt it. i don't know how it'll go. maybe i'll have to do it by hand, too. regardless, i feel wrapped in the gift of friendship simply to have it. and my hope is when i'm done with it, to send it back that he may have it in his own family, for he, his wife, son and daughter.

thanks so much for letting me hang out here with you, too, in friendship.