Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it's here! it's here!

my beautiful bag has arrived from stephanie and i am so inspired and happy! of course i had to open the box no sooner i brought it in. and i'm pretty sure i was giddy with anticipation. i still have a big grin on my face!

when stephanie invited me to do this swap, we chatted a bit about what pattern to use for each other. she mentioned she was thinking about the multi-tasker tote by anna maria horner as she not yet seen me make it. how did she know i had been eying that pattern for some time, but hadn't yet bought it? :) i love it. i love the size, the straps, the easy access pockets on the outside and two smaller on the inside. and i love the fabric she choose. the pink, orange and brown are so rich and fun! wow!

i told you she was a hippie chick!

of course she included a few little yummy treats tucked inside...a beautiful crocheted zipper bag and snap pouch! because you see, stephanie crochets. she paints and has made the cutest little panda felt animal, too. and now i've my own fwumpus originals. i'm a very lucky girl.

stephanie mentioned in her note that blogging has led to meeting new people and making friends. i couldn't agree more.

thank you, friends!

and if you have never participated in a swap, whether with one or a few, i would say, "go for it." i promise you'll receive in generosity and friendship as you so kindly give. i know, thanks to these fabulous ladies you really should visit here and here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

because she's a hippie chick

market bag with the strap tucked in ready to package...

beach stripes...

i'm soooo happy. stephanie has received the bag i made her in our bag swap. now i can post pictures and share a little about the fabric i chose for her.

when she first invited me to do this bag swap, well, i did have a little something in my stash i could have used...a little something also in a purple, my latest color craze these days...but it's much more fun to shop. you know i couldn't resist when i spotted the new line, hippie chicks by michele d'amore for marcus fabrics. oh my gosh. i just love it and selected a few different pieces.

i decided on the purple daisy stems and beach stripes to contrast. i browsed stephanie's pics of fabric she has in her stash and what she has used for her own sewing projects, noting she liked florals. so, my purple passion with her flower power and you have THE only choice possible!

the pattern is portabellopixie market bags and i made it fully reversible which is nice because i couldn't decide what side i liked better after i was done! and i like my bags sturdy, but not heavy, so i lined both the "exterior and interior" with a cotton twill. i hope she will enjoy the bag and the little fat quarters i sent for her own projects for moments and days to come.

and i am so looking forward to my own beautiful bag which should be at my doorstep soon!

please visit stephanie. she's doing a 10 day photo journal of Musikfest.

rock out, everyone, and enjoy these magical days!