Wednesday, July 15, 2009

just what i've been waiting for

i'm so excited! the fab fabric has arrived from a funky new line by one of my favorite designers that i intend to choose from for a bag swap with the amazingly talented Stephanie (pop on over to her blog and visit her terrific photos on flickr). here's just a sneak peek, but i promise details after i've finished and my package has been mailed, delivered & received. it's been a while since i've been at the sewing table. this is the inspiration i've been waiting for and i'm sew ready to get back at it.

hope everyone is enjoying a terrific july, near and far. make the absolute best of it in perfect celebration of your interests and passions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lest i lose my groovy groupies...

...i share with you a little summer lovin' from my garden & walks around my sweet neighborhood.

i confess there's been little sewing happening here...some sketching and designing in my journal, but no cutting and sewing, yet. i do believe the summer sunshine bug has bitten. i look for every excuse to get outdoors despite the pretty warm temps and virtually no rain. i would love to get myself to the beach. alas, the flowers and offerings of mother earth comfort and console in the meantime.

busy bee on Helenium mardi gras - helen's flower

my first flower on the double knockout rose

impatien. mordecai historical park

zinnia. flower garden on courtland street

to all those here in the good ole us of a, a safe and delicious 4th of july holiday to you & yours! and to virtual friends abroad, a beautiful and bright july day.

peace out! ride the rainbow to your dreams!