Thursday, May 28, 2009

in action

i enjoy ncaa softball, very much. and today the women's college world series gets underway with the eight teams advancing from the super regionals meeting in oklahoma city. fun! espn will carry the games beginning at 1 pm eastern time. holy toledo, charlie brown. women's sports. on television. what a breath of fresh air!

ok, so now you know a little something more about me other than just my bag and apron fetish. :)

but, as this is a blog primarily devoted to sewing, there IS some sewing going on in between my other creative obsessions and distractions.

i made my mom an everyday bag by favorite things some time late last year. recently, mom had a friend visit and she shared with her my sewing projects (several bags and aprons I made for mom and my oldest sister). the next thing i know, mom is calling me, asking if i would make an everyday bag for her friend as a gesture of thanks for the visit and because she absolutely loved my work. i took this as a very big compliment because mrs. g sews, professionally. super smiles!

of course i said yes!

so, here it is, hanging in my closet to "set" the fusible fleece i like to use as the interlining.

in the back and behind are my other bags, including my adorable buttercup, handy, accessible, so i can grab the perfect bag for the perfect date.

i've the handles, button, button loop and lining to work on...taking my time so i don't get in a hurry, enjoy the process and do nice stitching. yeah.

i'll post pictures of the finished bag and details soon after i'm done.

rock the day, everyone, whether sun or rain, summer or winter. creative moments are eternal sunshine.


bearbear said...

Only the very brave will show their closets to the world, right?!? ha! So many bags you've done! And, softball, aaw! When I was a very young girl, I played softball, almost every position but my most recognized position was pitcher. It was fast pitch. I did pitch a no-hitter once :) My favorite position to play was catcher! My life's ambition at that age was to be a professional baseball player but was slapped in the face with, "sorry, sister - not for girls!" Things HAVE changed some. Oh how I wish they could have been the way women's sports have progressed today. Good post. Know more about you.

Stephanie said...

Look at all those bags, a girls dream!!! Great colors nice and fun! What a nice compliment from your mom's friend and now a new project. It's always fun to sew for someone else. Enjoy the softball games!!!

audreypawdrey said...

So, I tried to play softball but was not very good. I spent the whole time in left field picking four leaf clovers.:) Those bags all look fabulous! How wonderful to get to choose the one you want to take with you wherever you go!

Jessica said...

You are ABSOLUTELY correct that creative moments are eternal sunshine!!! I have been loving my buttercup bag lately as well!

a friend to knit with said...

coming here can make the sun shine throughout! seriously!!!

your sewing is such an inspiration. i can not wait to see the finished bag.

Iris E. said...

From my husband I get this question:

Do you really need ANOTHER bag?

My answer, always, is: YES.


PS And YOUR bag is garnering me lots of attention lately. I wore it to the fabric store the other day and showed off your work-woman-ship...lining up the pattern to match at the seams!!!

Philigry said...

oh, i love all of your great bags! what a nice collection.