Thursday, May 28, 2009

in action

i enjoy ncaa softball, very much. and today the women's college world series gets underway with the eight teams advancing from the super regionals meeting in oklahoma city. fun! espn will carry the games beginning at 1 pm eastern time. holy toledo, charlie brown. women's sports. on television. what a breath of fresh air!

ok, so now you know a little something more about me other than just my bag and apron fetish. :)

but, as this is a blog primarily devoted to sewing, there IS some sewing going on in between my other creative obsessions and distractions.

i made my mom an everyday bag by favorite things some time late last year. recently, mom had a friend visit and she shared with her my sewing projects (several bags and aprons I made for mom and my oldest sister). the next thing i know, mom is calling me, asking if i would make an everyday bag for her friend as a gesture of thanks for the visit and because she absolutely loved my work. i took this as a very big compliment because mrs. g sews, professionally. super smiles!

of course i said yes!

so, here it is, hanging in my closet to "set" the fusible fleece i like to use as the interlining.

in the back and behind are my other bags, including my adorable buttercup, handy, accessible, so i can grab the perfect bag for the perfect date.

i've the handles, button, button loop and lining to work on...taking my time so i don't get in a hurry, enjoy the process and do nice stitching. yeah.

i'll post pictures of the finished bag and details soon after i'm done.

rock the day, everyone, whether sun or rain, summer or winter. creative moments are eternal sunshine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sweet buttercup. and a sunshine day

well, the day started out glorious...a blue sky, not a cloud in sight. i just had to take a walk to the krispy kreme for my favorite glazed raspberry filled donut (it's about a mile round trip, but only my second time going in a year...willpower!). i came home, threw open the windows to let the sunshine in, did some tidying up and cleaning, getting myself ready to sew a bag for my mom's friend.

i was listening the whole time for the mailperson who comes right around noon.

and there was my package from iris. our bag swap!

i calmly finished up my lunch then grabbed my camera and headed for the outdoors. only sitting on the grass, under the shade of the river birch, would do, for simple, peaceful pleasures.

pretty yellow tissue with "dragon-fly purple-blue" ribbon...

an amy butler notecard, handwritten...

the cutest, dearest Buttercup, wonderfully small, THE purse for warm spring and summer days in the perfect colors and design with matching buttons ...

lining to die for...matrushka dolls! how did she know i've two sitting on my bookshelves, fond reminders of visits to st. petersburg and moscow...

in blue tissue, hankies, bright, beautiful, hankies! two!...

mail love...

thank you, iris. for your wonder and light.

thank you all who visit my space, sharing your sweet shelves, your creative imaginings, your gift of friendship. to a total stranger.

to give is to receive. to walk hand in hand, on the road, here to there, is to grow peace.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the iris swing. a bag swap

i don't even really know where to start.

first, i may have misled some of you when i posted here into believing i had used all these fabrics in one project. my apologies! this was actually a patchwork card which i made to accompany a swap...and an apron for my wonderfully artistic virtual friend (virtual friends have quickly become my happiest and nicest friends!) and fellow blogger, Iris, of Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life.

remember my mail love? iris left me a comment, asking if i'd consider doing a bag swap with her. she's making these delicious buttercups (see here and here). of course i said yes! i remember it was a sunday morning when i responded in an e-mail. and then i began on my adventure.

i had to find the right fabric. she's always left me the nicest comments about my bold & bright choices in color and design.

lucky me jane sassaman had just the thing. i used prairie gothic (of which i had enough fabric leftover to make a "hip hugger goth cafe apron" to include) for my swing, a pattern iris told me she thinking, exactly. but ms. sassaman also has two lines called magic forest and hothouse garden that are perfect together and my latest favorite obsessions. that's what was in this pretty purple package.

i decided on the orchid tessellation for the exterior and the lime green starry night symbols for the interior (sorry you can't see it in this picture...i tried several shots...this was the best). i just loved it. i loved working on it. i loved it when i was finished. it's bright and bold, but not loud. it's magic for the eyes. and i'm so pleased to have made my friend a bag, a little something of me to share with her.

as she has done for me. my package shall arrive soon. and i just can't wait to see what i know is the beauty of her person, her hands.

i just really, really enjoyed my first swap. it's not something i do a lot of because i still get freaky nervous about sewing for others (although that's what i prefer!). but, one on one, i can totally function that way, for now. hopefully more some day! i admire all of you out there that share your craft in virtual quilting bees, in charitable sewing, on etsy. you've my admiration and awe! delighted. in moments. let it grow big if it's important and happy. big like the after effects that is this little project today for me.

and much thanks to iris. now, go visit her wonderful blog!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jeepers peepers

i've been sewing, every day this week, even today. and i've pictures. it's been soooo much fun working on this little project, start to finish, from the invitation to the fabric and to something of a greeting. all that's left is a pretty package. snail mail love.

but i can't show you anything, right now, except little bits & pieces of the fabric i used. for now. until my friend receives what i have made for her. in swap. i've left a few hints, around cyberworld. i hope she doesn't mind. :)

i feel like a little kid, wringing my hands. because it's the simple, beautiful things, like sharing "creative endeavors" that makes me crazy happy.

be happy today, too!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hot & delicious

this. this is what i've been waiting for. and it came today! in this purple tissue. it can't get any better then that, fabric packaged in purple tissue! so beautiful. exactly what i was looking for. maybe the line will look familiar to some of you. it's a little something i've got going on, with a someone that shares this little space with me, and i hope it'll be a pleasant surprise. i'm sew excited! yes, i must get started, right away. put the photo edits aside. wonderfully magnificent it will be working this gorgeous stuff into some mail love. and give my groovy groupies something to come back to by way of an actual finished piece. yeah, sweet.