Monday, April 27, 2009

commercial break

salvia guaranitica 'black & blue'

i've been in something of a foto frenzy since last here i came to my little space. but, i promise there are some sewing projects in the works, including something i'm super excited about. and there is new fabric because i wanted what was just right. and it wasn't there in my stash (that's my story & i'm sticking with it). it's been so long since i ordered fabric, i confess i was a bit discombobulated, with butterflies in my stomach! but, can't wait for ups. yeah. rock out. and i'm going local, too, to see, to touch.

was it ridiculously hot where you were this past weekend? it was all i could do to keep my little herb, annual & perennial gems from hitting permanent wilting point! so long, spring. hello, summer!

Friday, April 17, 2009

mail love

much to my delight, this little earth retro eight pack of fat quarters was delivered to me yesterday, a "thinking about you" gift from my sister, who recently took a sewing class, too, and picked this out for me at the shop where she received instruction. it's so sweet. and so good to slow down, send and receive a little mail love, in this online, instant communication techno fad world.

give a little love. receive a little love. this weekend. it's all good. peace out!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring swing

pattern: the swing bag by amy butler
fabric: jane sassaman. prairie gothic. midnight. exterior: sunflowers & interior: sweet potato vine
other materials/notions: canvas to line exterior main panels, straps & interior pocket
modifications: interior pocket
date completed: 15April2009

much as i've been enjoying my four seasons. winter. bag (i reversed it to the black mod patchwork fabric as soon as the weather warmed up just a couple of weeks ago), i wanted something smaller, lighter. this swing is the perfect, simple bag. it sits easily on one shoulder and because of the length, doesn't need a closure. i did add an interior pocket the width of the main panel and divided into three sections to hold a cell and wallet snuggly, maybe a notebook or paperback, too. other then that, no modifications really needed!

this fabric is so beautiful. oh my. and fortunately i've about a yard of each left for something else just as spring happy.

so, now i'd better get busy doing that runner and coasters. i've quite a few squares and rectangles cut up, with plenty of scraps yet to use. yummy.

hope spring has sprung your way or soon will. let the sun shine in!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i'm lovin' stephanie of jonquils and ladybugs' garden tour tuesday's and wanted to share with her, with you, what's in bloom for me, too. gardening and sewing are totally creative arts, in perfect harmony, one to the other, don't you think?

so let's see what's workin' it in my garden and urban space this cloudy yet wonderful tuesday.

tea olive - it's put on so much growth in just the past week or so with the warm temps we had, consecutively. one of my favorite evergreens for the small, quiet flowers with a gentle, yet enormous orange fragrance...

a purple lily-of-the-valley type flower of which this is the very first bloom. i planted several of these bulbs last fall, but again, didn't make note of the variety...

azaleas - still in glorious color given they've been open now for quite some time...

bridal wreath spirea - ok, this is actually in my neighbor's yard, but i can count it as i'm usually the one who keeps it pruned back during the summer (shhhh...don't tell!). i admit i really only like it when it's in bloom. any other time and it's kind of just green, woody (a deciduous shrub) and can get super scraggly without constant care...

pink double petal petunias - one of several hanging baskets (the other two are a deep purple) i picked up at our most wonderful local state farmers market...

pineapple sage - i'm so excited to have started a new herb garden planted last week. there's tuscan blue rosemary, hot & spicy oregano, bergartten sage, lemon thyme, sweet basil, too...

thanks for joining me, allowing me this bit of diversification. and pop over to Stephanie's blog, not only for the garden tour, but for her most awesome sewing, crafting and family life!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

scrap happy

an absolutely glorious day has broken here this morning. i'm squeezing in a little scrap therapy before i head out to plant some herbs.

this little stash of scraps...

...will become cute little 2" x 2" and 2" x 4" and 4" x 4" squares and rectangles...

...that i will then piece for a 16" x 40" coffee table runner and a set of six coasters for my niece.

see that yummy sun coming through my window!

i'm also going to sneak in a "spring" bag for myself, probably the swing with a few modifications as i gave the original to this same niece (yep, i like to sew for her!) as they were her colors. mine will most likely be from this wicked cool fabric (specifically, the js11 & js12 midnight). yeah, tee has no idea how black shouts spring. just wait and see!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

halter apron

pattern: daily spice halter apron by heather bailey
fabric: alexander henry. jewel mobile
other materials/notions: lining. white lightweight cotton; interfacing. pellon fusible stacy shape flex
modifications: n/a
date completed: 7April2009

totally cute & easy to read pattern. it was my first time doing any kind of gathers & i'm pleased with my results. that this apron actually fits me (as you can see here on Clotilde who is set to my measurements) pretty well just tickles me! i love how you finish the skirt and then attach to the waistband after the bodice is on. i think that's why it works if you're a little hippy...and, no, i don't mean 60s cool this me. :)

of course i love the retro groovy fabric. glad i bought it when i did because i believe it is now discontinued.

go ahead. make yourself a halter apron today!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

bits & pieces

yep, it's the daily spice apron by heather bailey in jewel mentioned in my previous post. lovin' it so far and the pattern appears to be very well written. if i can steal a few more quiet moments from the business of life, i'll start to sew!

and i hope you guys don't mind something not sewing related.

it's the first tulip to open that i planted late fall and i'm sooooooo excited! sadly i didn't make note of the variety. oh well. i'm happy to have something pretty to look at regardless of name. there are at least a half dozen more in bud. can't wait!