Thursday, March 26, 2009

fyi - all about fabric

i'm undecided about what i want to sew after completing the shopper and i've also been a bit preoccupied trying to rewrite my resume to head back into the workforce after a four (*GASP*) year absence sometime in the coming months, i hope.

but, while browsing fan and group pages on fb, i came across this delicious blog devoted to all things fabric and thought i'd pass along the link to all of you fab fabric fanatics for your viewing pleasure.

hope to be back soon with some little yummy good, thinking maybe this apron by heather bailey in this jewel fabric. uhm.

happy days, everyone, near and far!

Monday, March 23, 2009

the kindness of friends...

overwhelmed. that's me this otherwise ordinary day, having been gifted the Lemonade Award by creative artist, crafting mama and librarian, sweet Iris of Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life. the award recognizes those bloggers that show gratitude and/or attitude. but it's me that feels so grateful for those who share so openly, so generously here in my space and allow me a visit to theirs. thank you, Iris!

the rules are:

1. put the logo on your blog or post.
2. nominate blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude.
3. link to your nominees within your post.
4. let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. share the love and link this post to the person from whom you received your award.

i could name a few, of course, but i'd like to begin with these wonderfully happy and good women: a friend to knit with, a source of wonder, audreypawdrey, jonquils and ladybugs, my feed dogs are down, and quilted simple

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the shopper is here!

pattern: betty shopper by amy butler
fabric: amy butler daisy chain. exterior: wildflowers - navy; lining: mosaic river
other materials/notions: canvas for interfacing, peltex 70 stabilizer for bottom and interior pockets, extra large eyelets
modifications: n/a
date completed: 11March2009
a gift for: maria. oldest sister

i'm whooped. i took it nice and slow on this bag. i had to read through the modified directions i downloaded three times. something just wasn't clicking the first time through. and the peltex 70, it just feels cumbersome to me, especially when you're trying to stitch on a very long seam with pins sticking you in your thighs.

i love this bag...the shape, the size...but working it through the machine to topstitch gave me a fit! i had the same problem with the madison bag for the same reasons. this design. augh! hard as i tried, i couldn't feed it evenly to get a nice topstitch. it was just bad, for anyone, not just someone who wants it super straight right. after three times of RIPPING, i decided to use a simple star embroidery stitch.

it's not perfect, but i can pretend it's freehand and THAT i can live with it! :D

if i were to make this bag again, i would definitely divid the interior pockets with a topstitch down the middle or in threes. they lay open for the peltex that is heavy given the length and height. you could easily put something bulky in the pocket, rather then in the center without knowing you were. and i'm not wild about the handles...turning under the ends then folding...for the bulk. i want something neater, daintier?! but i have to admit, once through the eyelets, and with a nice knot, doesn't look too bad!

am i just complaining? i really do like the bag! it's just my sewing that can be so frustrating!

you can't tell how big this large shopper is as i've no person on which to model, but it's 28 inches long. yeah, that rocks!

you know, i'll probably sew this same pattern again. in time. LOL!


...extra large. that's all that's missing before i wind up this baby of a sewing project that i've been working on so I can post a picture. hope to be back soon!