Friday, February 6, 2009

stashed. a few of my favorite things

i've not had a chance to sew or continue with my lap quilt these past days, preoccupied with life circumstances and occasions. to soothe the soul, i need but browse my stash, feel some fabric to put things back into perspective, those things that are creative abilities that defines a being.

and as i've self-imposed a ban on all fabric and book buying in observance of these dismal economic times, i'm so grateful for what i've accumulated in my stash and on my bookshelves that I may continue to live my sewing dreams and read to my heart's content.

these fabrics, i believe, i have not shared with you before. they'll look familiar, however, as i think you've come to understand something of my character and person :D

and lest you think i have disappeared from blogland, i knew i needed and wanted to post today, this brilliant blue sky, glowing sun friday.

some michael miller. kiwi. pod vine & ditz

marcus brothers. al fresco by michele d'amore. big bold flowers on green & scribbles on aqua

michael miller. orchid. dot-tastic, purple. carnival bloom & huevos

michael miller. clementine. boho blossom & far out floral

prints charming for marcus brothers. two young street. hugs and kisses black and blue & red

alexander henry. cinzia. chocolate, black, soft pink & prints charming for free spirit. follow your imagination

happy weekend to all. and there will be some sewing next week if i have no clue what it is!


Philigry said...

oh, your stash is so lovely! i love those green ones. happy weekend!

audreypawdrey said...

I can't even choose a favorite because they are all so pretty! I can't wait to see what you sew up with all this great fabric!:)

SewAmy said...

love your stash.

bearbear said...

I know what you mean about a ban on buying. I'm trying to do that, too, with books AND fabric AND art supplies! It's very tempting and difficult. I love all these fabrics and cannot wait to see what you do with them but there's something about that bottom pair, the black and white. I love it. Have fun, relax and enjoy dreaming and creating.

HeyYeah said...

They are all fabulous fabrics & I hope you have lots of creative fun using them. I love sorting through my fabric stash and enjoying all the colours and patterns. I think some of them should be framed and put on the wall!

a friend to knit with said...

ahhhh! what wonderful fabrics you have amongst your stash! just to look at that makes me happy. but to also *feel* them. wow!

i love how you described creative abilities that define a being. oh yes.

have a wonderful weekend. hope it continues to be bright and sunny!

Jessica said...

That top green fabric is so lovely! I've been feeling drawn to brights like greens and pinks these days. I'm glad you are back and posting!!

countrychicken said...

Love all those fabrics. Reminds me of Spring -which hopefully is not to far away.

Stephanie said...

What a great stash! Love the ones with the hearts. So fun! Really enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back to visit again.