Thursday, February 26, 2009

priority mail

the little wolf flannels are done. i worked on them yesterday, start to finish, from the cutting to stitching, serging & ironing, purposefully staying away from cyberworld to do so. i don't like to keep children waiting. they'll go in the mail this am.

thank you all so much who share this space with me. your comments on my previous post are most dear and mean more then you know. your support & presence, even should some time have passed between posts, make me feel always welcome and as I've a place here among friends. it's a safety net, a quiet corner where i may come any time i need interaction of creatives that centers me. rock out! peace out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

boy things

pattern: main panel - McCall's M5551; ties - Simplicity 2824
fabric: six color desert camo twill & moose country - designed & produced for jo-ann's
other materials/notions: none
date completed: 24February2009
a gift for: robert. 9 year old nephew

a reversible little chef's apron!

i had a pattern piece cut out on my own, but decided i wanted a designed pattern to compare sizes as i've no children with whom to work with in person. i was pretty darn close in what i thought should be the measurements, mine just a bit more narrow. wow!

i intended the camo to be the "front" but like the novelty print, moose country & wildlife trek, a whole lot. it's nice that he can use either. robert likes to help when you're cooking, frying and flipping the pancakes or waffles, always has since he was a wee one and had to stand on a chair. i made a messenger bag & apron for his sister. thankfully my sib finally sent me the measurements (yes, i asked over a year ago, but we won't fuss about that!) so i can now send him his own special package of homemade goodness. i'm a bit more comfortable with girl things as that's what i know best, being all sisters in my family. but, this was fun & i hope he'll like it. he's sweet & sentimental that way.

there's also to be a pair of pj pants for him...

...from this soft & warm wolf themed flannel. i'll start on these next to have things in the mail asap.

and the pieces are all cut out, including the canvas & peltex 70, for the large betty shopper by amy butler i've mentioned before for my other sib.

balance. i'm having to learn balance for what are now life's circumstances. making time for my sewing is super important. maybe i can sneak up here in the darkness of night when i can't sleep? if i close the door, no one will hear the machine chirp, chirping? :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

playing with color. practical bag

pattern: practical bag by grand revival
fabric: solé by valori wells for free spirit. paisley. cornsilk & agapantha. key lime
other materials/notions: none
modifications: none other then alternating fabric & panels

a fun, easy-to-make bag to get you back in the sewing swing of things should you need to do so like i did. roomie & uncluttered, perfect for a quick run to the bakery, grocery for light, bulk items or to carry extra towels and a change of clothes to the beach or the pool (i've had beach on the mind lately!).

because this bag is not cut on the fold for a full front & back cut 4 separate (8 total for exterior & lining) giving you center as well as side seams...i decided to alternate my coordinating fabric, front to back, inside and out. pretty cool! if i were more inspired & focused on sewing time, not on the bazillion other things going on i should be worrying about, i would have chosen four fabrics, total, to do a different lining.

but, i like it as is. it's super lightweight, has no canvas, yet is sturdy with 1/2 inch seams. super easy to carry around. you could use a home dec if you needed to carry heavier objects, but nothing too thick for the corners and turns that could get bulky.

and as most of us carry individual zippered bags and such, you could use it as a purse without worrying about those small items getting lost. i really like it, me who likes pockets and folds, each thing in its place. it could be the vibrant color. i'm also not a paisley person, but when its retro like this, i can be!

nope, it's not my four seasons. spring bag. it's just a practical play bag!

the weekend is almost here and valentine's day. do more then celebrate another hallmark occasion. laugh & love, giggle & skip. life is good for the people & beauty surrounding us!

Friday, February 6, 2009

stashed. a few of my favorite things

i've not had a chance to sew or continue with my lap quilt these past days, preoccupied with life circumstances and occasions. to soothe the soul, i need but browse my stash, feel some fabric to put things back into perspective, those things that are creative abilities that defines a being.

and as i've self-imposed a ban on all fabric and book buying in observance of these dismal economic times, i'm so grateful for what i've accumulated in my stash and on my bookshelves that I may continue to live my sewing dreams and read to my heart's content.

these fabrics, i believe, i have not shared with you before. they'll look familiar, however, as i think you've come to understand something of my character and person :D

and lest you think i have disappeared from blogland, i knew i needed and wanted to post today, this brilliant blue sky, glowing sun friday.

some michael miller. kiwi. pod vine & ditz

marcus brothers. al fresco by michele d'amore. big bold flowers on green & scribbles on aqua

michael miller. orchid. dot-tastic, purple. carnival bloom & huevos

michael miller. clementine. boho blossom & far out floral

prints charming for marcus brothers. two young street. hugs and kisses black and blue & red

alexander henry. cinzia. chocolate, black, soft pink & prints charming for free spirit. follow your imagination

happy weekend to all. and there will be some sewing next week if i have no clue what it is!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

lap quilt. thank you!

a quick note...thanks to all who have so kindly commented and given me your preference and suggestions regarding my lap quilt border. it looks like i'm back to "square one" as tee wasn't wild about either pattern or the fabric combination, wanting something brighter and with more contrast. funny guy. no sweat. i have another idea. nothing wasted, nothing wanted as i can always use the squares and triangles in another project. such is the beauty of piecework and quilting!

enjoy your super bowl sunday, whatever your preferred activities may be today.