Thursday, January 29, 2009

lap quilt. preliminary border

this border is kickin' my butt.

first, i thought i'd do connecting triangles of the blue and green tie dye, like i used in the hourglass, for the four corners. and i'd cut strips of the same two around all four sides.

i didn't like the color match against the "leaf" and "marble" batiks i used to border the blocks.

so i decided to connect triangles of the leaf and marble. i like it much better. but how do i lay it out?

i did pyramids of the marble.

the corners would not match.

alternating seems to work better. however, there's still the issue of the corners. maybe i'll do a solid square of the yardage seen in the bottom right which is to be the back?

it does help to have these photos to re-create. for some reason, it's easier to see then when standing directly over the top.

i'll gladly take any suggestions, to all you quilters out there!

and in the meantime, if i could make myself let this sit and begin something else, trust me, i would. ar. ocd. i can yet be some of both though time and getting older has certainly helped with that! but now, of course, my brain's fried with age. wore, slap out! :D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

lap quilt. continued

life's been a bit maddening lately, but today i decided to step away from those things i can't control right now anyway and finish up the blocks and rows for my island batik lap quilt top. 5 rows, 20 blocks. the green rocks my world. now, i just have to decide on a 4 inch border, whether i'll do strips or squares and from what fabrics, these or two or three others i have to choose from. fun, fun, fun! doesn't freak me out anymore.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lap quilt. growing on me

yeah. with two rows done, i'm diggin' my first hourglass lap quilt. and i should have plenty of fabric to do a nice border, binding, the back. and then some. maybe one of those cute little doll quilts i've seen. a wall hanging? that would be good, too, practicing some other cut & element. i'll post now only when i'm done. or you might get bored here. :D and in the meantime, there are more projects, like, a valance. and a betty shopper for my sister.

Monday, January 12, 2009

lap quilt. first blocks

pattern: hourglass
fabric: island batiks (see previous post)

i think i've settled on some kind of design for my lap quilt. i'm going to stick with the hourglass...4 wide, 5 high...because i like it so much, repeating with these same fabrics, alternating the blocks. these are mad colors. i don't know what i was thinking when i bought them. the red probably won't get used unless i bring it into the border or if i piece the back. i've absolutely no red in my living room. there's a grape, too. that could go somewhere. you really don't know until you start sitting things, one next to the other, what works, what won't. i don't want to get too busy. this is enough for the mind to know as is, but i kinda like it because the hues are deeper, not super bright, even that green tones down nicely with what lies nearby. let's see how it looks as i continue to piece. you can't really mess up, can you? :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

four seasons. winter

pattern: market bags by portabellopixie boutique patterns
a pattern by sandi henderson
fabric: michael miller mod. black mod leaves & black mod patchwork
other materials/notions: canvas, 2 - 1 7/8" buttons. orange paisley & black paisley
modifications: extended straps by 5 inches. basted canvas to exterior & interior fabric. button loop & buttons for closing.
completed: 08January2009

phew! i'm totally loving this bag & was so excited about the look & feel of the mod leaves & patchwork that i decided to use a button closure to wear the bag in either print, not a magnetic snap that would be noticeable when reversed as completely dysfunctional.

it took some time to topstitch for the double canvas, but this baby is super sturdy. no matter how i turned it, i wanted the exterior fabric to have stability.

i decided to stick with the same pattern i used for four seasons. fall because i love the size, the shape and the ease with which i can get into this bag at the checkout, bank or anywhere i need quick access to cash, keys or phone. i also divided the pockets on the outside & in to hold my cell phone in one, the checkbook or a wallet in the other, for example, inside or out, without fear that either would topple out from a loose side. and with the canvas on the pockets, too, well, they lay nice & flat.

i've been using fall ever since i made it. now i've got this gorgeous winter. i can color coordinate and still have a hip bag i love.

the bottomline matter your preference in fabric (i know mine tends to be a little...uhm...bold?), the color or design, you gotta love what is you and you have to enjoy what you make. when you do, the end result is pleasing as beautiful art! and then strut your stuff around town. don't be shy! :D

and now, maybe i should really get that christmas tree down from the living room. yikes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

make the cut

the island batiks i purchased back in september '08 for the lap quilt i want to make. i have no clue how i'm going to cut & coordinate. is there any sense to these designs and colors? but, at least i've actually taken them out of the drawer, sat them out, to touch, feel, to "peace" a pattern in my mind. :D

and in the meantime i'm ironing to cut the pieces for my winter. four seasons bag. it's a rainy day, perfect for quiet, sewing time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009. off to a good start

pattern: simplicity 9499 - a longer view d
fabric: a blue flannel purchased at a hancock fabrics in december 2007
other materials/notions: fusible interfacing for buttonholes, webbing, buckle
loungewear for: tee
completed: 04January2009

i've about 25 projects on my 2009 sewing list. tee's flannel shorts were first on that list. done! the new year is off to a good start. and as we'll yet have some colder weather, i'm really not horribly late or completely slack about dear tee's simple request. :D