Monday, December 1, 2008

wip. market tote

pattern: eco-market tote by favorite things
fabrics - amy butler midwest modern:
bag/small pocket: floating buds. sage.
large pocket/handles: garden maze. olive.
lining: happy dots. pink.
other materials & notions: cotton duck interlining. large button.
a gift for: jill. niece-in-law.

phew! it's back to work & not a moment too soon. tee & me, we enjoyed the thanksgiving week. but i missed sewing. and sadie mae, after two days inside for the rain, it's out with her to enjoy this glorious, if a bit breezy 1st of december. she was getting bored, so little for her to see & do within these four walls. tee is close by, at the office. the downstairs is all tidied up from the week long festivities. and i've the house back to myself to sew, sew, sew!

first order of business...a market tote for my nephew's wife. my oldest sister, her mil, helped me pick out the fabrics when i visited with her back in mid october. we were in agreement...earthy, subtle, but with a splash of color. the amy butler midwest modern collection is perfect! and i think jill will definitely use this bag over any other i could make for her.

and there's at least one more item on my must-do-soon gift apron for andy jane..although i've a few other things in mind. yum-yum!

sew good, sew groovy days! :)


audreypawdrey said...

I love the fabric you are using! I am sure it will become her favorite bag rather quickly. I have started on a bag for the holidays, too!:)

bearbear said...

You are so industrious! Love Amy Butler fabric. I'm trying to find a certain pattern to make a dress for my oldest daughter's SIL's little 2 yr. old and even tried Atlanta so. . . my daughter is going to just try to find some fabric she likes in Nashville and send it to me ASAP. Wanted to sew today but cleaned up from T'giving decorations and started in on Christmas decorations! whew! I want to sew!!! Tomorrow my youngest daughter and I will have a sewing and monogramming party! woopee! It's good to see a new post from you!

Philigry said...

can't wait to see the bag. i need to get out my sewing machine! it has been a while.