Thursday, December 4, 2008

to andy jane. apron love

pattern: flirty skirty by the apron lady designs
fabric: hand-dyed batik. star flower. tan; robert kaufman kitchy kitchen. happy blossoms. lime.
a gift for: niece. andy jane
date completed: 4December2008

i love making bags. i love making aprons even more. total apron love. fun, easy & each one a little piece of domestic art. i want to make more, of my own design. and those i keep, i want to hang them on a beautiful board of pegs in my kitchen.

i love the batik. that goes without saying. love to sew with it. these colors are so warm, deeply rich & the tie-dye, well, groovy, of course.

the robert kaufman was probably the first "designer" fabric i ordered online from an independent vendor, purl, just about a year ago on 7December2007. it's been sitting quietly in my stash until here & now. for andy jane. it's a happy little apron, color coordinated yet different. i've noticed i have the tendency to stick with the same designer, choosing coordinating prints from the same collection. good to mix it up a little. be free.

so i'm slightly obsessed with decorative stitching, much like others are with rick rack or bias trim. :D

p.s., if it seems i'm a bit off the wall this post (ha!), clueless from one point to the next, i blame the music jammin'. no, not christmas tunes. a little ne-yo, maroon 5 & rihanna, you know, "shake your groove thing." i've even gotten up to dance here and there.

it's the holidays. live a little tra la la la in each of your days!


Philigry said...

love it! what a great gift. i bet it will get a lot of use!

a friend to knit with said...

i love the combination of those two fabrics. they are totally adorable! yep, i could see a whole slew hanging on some pegs in your kitchen. total apron happiness.

so your fancy machine does that cool stitch?? i love it!

audreypawdrey said...

I love the batiks and the combination of fabrics! The fancy stitch is a very neat detail as well. Happy holidays!

Blaynexox said...

love the apron! Thanks for the comment - i missed them :)