Wednesday, December 10, 2008

time lapse

remember this? well, now that the christmas decorations are pretty much up, time to get back at the sewing.

i've decided to make what i plan to call "four seasons" bags. exactly. four bags. four seasons.

this will be fall, although brown is pretty much a year round color. i ordered some black for winter. however, i still can't find a lining i like for it. so, fall it is i shall now sew.

i'm using my first alexander henry fabrics...jewel. mobile. chocolate and jewel. stripe. tea/chocolate.

and from a new online vendor at a good price. they had some jane sassaman prairie gothic i liked. yep, it rocks. psychedelic. almost glows in the dark! ;)

this kind of looks like the beaded curtains from the 70s. yeah, dude. totally retro. i like it! the fabric has been serged, washed. i'm ready to iron, cut & sew. today, tomorrow, now!


Full of Heart said...

Looks like I FINALLY found your blog!
I really like that fabric, I think it's beautiful!

bearbear said...

Love that fabric and can't wait to see all the seasons' bags. I love your tree, too. I've been too busy babysitting and taking my mother to the doctor to do any sewing. Maybe soon I can get to it. Enjoy!

QuiltedSimple said...

That is going to look awesome. Hurry and finish so we can see it - hehe!!! Love the fabric for fall - although I'd be tempted to use it year round!

audreypawdrey said...

That fabric is so pretty! I love the idea of a four seasons bag; although, I agree with Kris that I would want to use a bag made from that fabric year round!

a friend to knit with said...

love the retro fabric. libby has hanging beads in her doorway, and it makes me happy every time i walk in her room.

i also love the idea of seasonal bags! can't wait to see them!