Monday, December 22, 2008

patchwork cards

as soon as i saw these cards in this book (as meghan so kindly shared here), i was itchin' to make some. this morning i had just enough time after early day errands and before i head out the door here in just a few with tee, who is on vacation through the 1st and insists on fun time around the city, to make just one.

as the author promises, these are addictive. like a lays potato chip, you won't want to make just one. so, my scraps are scattered on the floor where they'll remain until i clean up for christmas day that i may sneak up here and patchwork a few more greeting & notecards when no one is looking for me. i didn't make my holiday cards this year for lack of a good digital image. phooey on that. next year, i'll have a stack of these babies in wild & happy designs to send out.


Philigry said...

what a great idea. next year, i will have to make these next year. what a great scrap buster!

bearbear said...

Good for you keeping creative things going even during this busy, busy time. I love those cards! They are so cute and look like so much fun to make. I read somewhere, sometime :D about a man who begins at the first of the year and makes all his Christmas cards (with paper). What a special accomplishment!