Tuesday, December 23, 2008

obsessed. just a couple more

i was pleasantly surprised this morning with the sparse traffic on the way and in the grocery store for those last minute fresh items needed for Christmas dinner. that's done and out of the way. cooking will start tomorrow for those things that are best left to set overnight.

and as i had a little time to myself after dusting and vacuuming while tee was watching tv before we take a nice stroll to one of our favorite burger joints downtown for a late lunch, i went to work on a couple more patchwork cards. totally addictive. except i can be overwhelmed by all the scraps to choose from. you know, the perfect combinations.

so, yesterday's card i posted will be a graduation/congratulations/new job type of greeting. and these, the top with the flamingos, christmas, of course and the pinks/purple partridges, a girlfriend/sister/mother type birthday card. yeah. they're blank inside. i'll have to pen a poem freehand. perfect. i needed to diversify my personal line and this is perfect.

i'm outta here! i've yummy fabric for four seasons i'd love to post. it can wait, though. there's a holiday to enjoy.

peace on earth!


QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely cards - very pretty! MERRY CHRISTMAS friend - enjoy the day and all it brings!!!

a friend to knit with said...

i love all of your cards.
i am sure once filled with your words these will be keepsakes for the recipient!

merry Christmas, and all the best for 2009. like you, i am so excited for the unknown. so many exciting wonderful things to do and see. xxoo

audreypawdrey said...

These are wonderful! I would definitely save a card that looked like these. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Merry Christmas!

Iris E. said...

So gorgeous, Ana. I love these SO MUCH. What lucky recipients! I hope they are appreciative!
Love your fabric choices.