Thursday, December 11, 2008

four seasons. fall

pattern: market bags by portabellopixie boutique patterns
a pattern by sandi henderson
fabric: alexander henry jewel. mobile. chocolate & stripe. tea/chocolate
other materials/notions: heavy canvas interfacing & gold magnetic snap
modifications: two inside pockets & 6" added on strap to use messenger style
date completed: 11December2008

phew! cut everything out yesterday. wasn't sure i'd get to sew much today, but once i got started, couldn't stop. definitely an all season bag, really, because the jewels almost look like hanging christmas ornaments for december, hanging beads for spring & brown all around. yeah, santa baby. bring me more fabric!

it's completely reversible, well, except for that magnetic snap. but, the gold blends in & i'm good with it. don't sweat the small stuff, right. hand made rules!

oh, and if i want more of the mobile.chocolate to show, i can turn the pocket to face my body & totally show off this fab fabric. :D

p.s., i try. not the best pictures. it's dark up here & the ones with the flash were scary bright, these without, a bit out of focus. and too sharpen too much on my photo editor, well, it distorts. it's all good. you'll get it, no doubt. :)


QuiltedSimple said...

VERY CUTE! Love it. The fabric is awesome. So which one is next? hehe.

audreypawdrey said...

This turned out wonderful! I do agree that you could use it year round, too, and I love that it is reversible. I am also curious which season is next...spring?:)

APA said...

OK, Kris & Audrey. You have me giggling about this this morning. I am going to shoot for winter. But, heck, who's know what may come over me? Black is soooo hard to find, for inside & out, and I want black, darn it! And, on another blog this morning, I actually saw where we are still in fall. Yes! Remember winter starts officially December 21st? I'm not as whacked as it seems! Thanks for your fun comments...and that's to everyone who stops here! They make my day!

Philigry said...

once again, beautiful bag! love it.

SewAmy said...

oh that bag is so cute.

em's scrapbag said...

I love the bag. The fabrics are fabulous.