Thursday, December 18, 2008

for apron lovers. new pattern. popular designer & men's flannels

the new domestic goddess apron. by amy butler. I heard about it in a newsletter. i haven't bought it. yet. i kind of like designing my own. but it's super cute. i wouldn't mind having it in my collection. some day it, too, will be vintage.

and she's a new halter top. that might appeal to summer lovers. and beach bums. oh to be so super talented. make things that so many like. santa, bring me a sack full of my dreams, please?

last year i made tee some flannel lounge pants, simplicity 9499. in place of a drawstring, i used this webbing & a buckle, much like what he has & likes on some comfy nylon hiking shorts. he wants another pair, to the knees. and it just so happens i have this blue flannel in my stash. perfect. i should really get to work on these for him. whip it out in a jif. but, i'm still thinking on that christmas apron. can't get it out of my mind. :)


SewAmy said...

love the look of the halter, I will probably be buying that one.

audreypawdrey said...

Those are really cute aprons, but I already like the ones you make! I would love to be able to make aprons like yours, already. Those pants are also very cute in a guy sort of way. Maybe I could whip us ome of those this week for my husband for Christmas. I like the webbing and buckle, too.

a friend to knit with said...

a Christmas apron! sounds lovely!
and i really love both of those amy butler styles.
i just thought about it, and i don't think that i made a single apron in '08! shoot. i think '09 deserves a couple new ones, eh?!

so sweet that your guy is asking for you to make him something! i love that!

Philigry said...

those pants looks great. i love those apron patterns. so cute.

bearbear said...

I like that idea on the men's lounge pants. Am always looking for ideas for gifts for men! Also the apron is very cute. I have two aprons and both I bought (horrors! ha!) at Sam's and painted them. One has gingerbread men on it and the other has a Thanksgiving design. They're ancient.