Friday, November 7, 2008

more quick & easy potholders

pattern: i-like-purple striped potholders by apa
front: kaffe fassett millefiore. brown, brown/purple large circle batik, kaffe fassett roman glass. dusty pink, kaffe fassett aboriginal dot. chocolate
back: tina givens butterfly. cabbage rose in lilac.
other materials: two layers of warn & natural cotton batting
date completed: 7November 2008

it can't be helped. these are so quick, so easy & so much fun. and a great way to learn to quilt! seasonal fabrics & what great gifts for the home & for giving you'll have.


audreypawdrey said...

These are great! How do you make them like this? I have made some with binding around the edge, but I am terrible at binding so if there is an easier way, I am all for it!

APA said...

audreypawdrey...I hope this is a good way to reach you.

I use an "envelope edge." Basically I lay the batting and then the front and back right sides together. I pin the front and back to match on the batting which I keep a little bit bigger all around. Then I stitch, leaving an opening for turning. I trim the corners and the excess batting (except at the opening to give me more to catch), iron the opening down, then topstitch all around using the walking foot. It can be tricky, especially at the corners and over the seams, but it's the easiest way I know so far for me.

I really did have so much fun and the second ones went a lot faster, even cutting the stripes. Quilting must be addictive!

APA said...

Oops...after trimming...turn right sides out, then iron. I know you understood, but I wanted to correct myself. :)

audreypawdrey said...

That completely makes sense! Thanks for letting me know so quickly.:)

Celina said...

That mix of fabrics is gorgeous! I love the colours and how they turned out together. Really great. What an excellent gift for Christmas!

Jessica said...

I love those potholders. Mine are so lame....and dreary from all their use...I should whip some of these up soon!

a friend to knit with said...

i really need some new potholders! yours are so great.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love these - guess I ought to make myself some. Thanks for the idea!

Philigry said...

great! i neeed to whip some of these up.