Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's here. sugar snap.

sugar snap. melissa averinos for free spirit.

update: and check it out...the free spirit fabric blog. yummy stuff!

left to right: lace plum. wiggle plum. lace cocoa.

wallpaper cocoa. jellyfruit cocoa. kimono cocoa.

i felt like a child on christmas morn, not a woman doing some pre-thanksgiving cooking when my fabric arrived in today's mail. wow! it's prettier, for real, then on the computer screen and came so deliciously wrapped. i absolutely love it! a nice cotton, not too thin, not too heavy, and the colors vibrant but not so bright you're distracted from the wonderful design and pattern. what shall i make from these lovelies? i don't know. i may just have to look at them, feel them for a little while to come.

because it bears repeating...a peaceful and bountiful thanksgiving to all!


audreypawdrey said...

The fabric is beautiful! I love the oranges and bright pinks together. I do the same thing with my new fabric-walk by and pet it and wonder what I can use it to make.

Jessica said...

My goodness, I love all of this fabric! I can't wait to see what you make with it. Have a great Thanksgiving!

bearbear said...

I do the same with my new fabric-just admire it! Your new fabric is fantastic and what a thrill to get something like that in the mail! It reminds me of years ago (pre-digital) when I ordered a long lens for my new 35mm SLR camera. The day the UPS man brought it to the door, I was jumping up and down and almost squealing and he said, "well, it doesn't take much to get you country girls excited." ha! Gotta love it! Life is good.

Iris E. said...

Um kimono cocoa sounds and looks DELISH! Yum yum to all of your recent purchases, and I can't wait to see what you make with them.

I finally remembered to add your new bloglink to my Favorites! Kept meaning to, and now it's official.

Can I say again how much I adore the Apa Cafe apron?! I was dreaming of a cafe apron made of a kitchen towel, with some fun fabric ties. I am always wanting a dishtowel that is on the other side of the kitchen---what if it was attached to me?!?!